The City Where I was Raised

Lahore is the name of the city where I was raised. Its in Punjab Province. It is the most busiest city in the country. It has historical site such as Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and so on. And it is the most visited city as well. Lahore have different area such as Model Town, Gulberg Town, Garden Town, Shadman etc. The place where I come from is Gulberg Town which is basically the central area of the city. It is the ideal place to live beacause from here, the other towns are near and takes less time to reach. People can go to markets to buy things for themselves. They can even go to resturants to eat. The closet, the busiest and oldest market is Liberty market. Its the popular area among women to go shopping. And the place to dine in is the M.M Alam Road. Its a street where you will find resturants and movie theaters. But these are modern places of the city. If you like to savor the true Lahore culture then Mall Road is the area to visit. This area is also called “Old Lahore”. The buildings here are actually made by the british empire. It is where you will experience the true Lahore markets and resturants. It is so much hustle and bustle. Also its the area where head offices of lahore are located such as Post Office (G.P.O), Lahore High Court, Traffic Police Office, Bank Offices etc. There are also famous universities such as G.C University, FC University and King Edward University. It is truly like going back in time. Besides these, the famous place here are Hall Road, Anarkali Bazar and Guwalmandi. The culineries are delicious and it is where my old house is. If you are visiting Lahore then experience the delicacies and the history it presents.



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